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Pest Control Melbourne

Professional Local Pest Control Melbourne Team

Masters Pest Control Melbourne provides professional local Pest Control & Inspection experts to make your places pest-free. Call on 03 4505 2416 for same-day pest fumigation services. We offer professional exterminator and pest removal services for homeowners and businesses in a cost-effective & eco-friendly way to remove pests.

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Now end all your searches for reliable pest control services, and turn your ways to us for only the best pest removal treatment.

pest control melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne

What Are The Benefits Of Pest Control?

Some of the benefits of pest control are:

  • Gives you a house free from any kind of pests.
  • Pest Control Services makes your house safe and healthy for you and your family members to live in.
  • Saves your wooden furniture from damage.
  • Protects your house from all sorts of structural damages.
  • You can maintain a mess-free house and business.
Benefits of Pest Control Service

What Do You Get In Our Pest Control Melbourne Services?

We are experts in Pest Control Services for over a decade. We have approved license holders and believe in constantly upgrading our services and performance. Our team offer services to provide customized solutions that save your house from future infestation

Pre-Purchase Inspection Melbourne

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Service Melbourne

Before you get the service for Pest Control Melbourne, you can opt to have a Pre-purchase Inspection which helps us to make our service more effective. Your new place might have a pest about which you are unknown. Thus when you get the inspection by our experts we find out all types of existing pests. We plan accordingly for the Pest Control Service and exterminate them completely. And we give you complete assurance that we will find all the pests in your house.

Residential Pest Control Melbourne

Masters Pest Control is a reliable and renowned name in Melbourne that provides all kinds of pest control services. We treat and remove pest infestations from residential spaces. Residences and home pest treatment require effectiveness and safety and precautions. Our professional pest controllers use safe and eco-friendly products for pest extermination. We follow strict safety and careful measures while delivering pest control. Now get rid of any kind of infestation from your home within a single day.

Residential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Melbourne

We are leaders in providing Commercial Pest Control Services. We offer various kinds of pest treatments like ant control, termite control, insect control, bird control, cockroach control, etc. Our professionals are quick and complete the entire process in 4-5 hours which ensures that your business and work are not impacted for very long.

Hotel Pest Control Melbourne

We are one of the few companies which deliver Hotel pest control services in Melbourne hotels. We have a big team of pest control technicians who can make sure that your hotel is cleaned well in the least amount of time. Our expert team is very hard-working whose main focus is to provide you with full satisfaction and the best services.

Hotel Pest Control Melbourne
Garden Pest Control Melbourne

Garden Pest Control Experts Melbourne

Gardens and backyards can harbour many kinds of pests and they can often go unnoticed for days and months. Pest can infiltrate and infest your homes from your gardens and affect your well-being and health. It is necessary to eradicate pest infestation from the garden so as to prevent damages and diseases. We at Masters Pest Control can provide complete eradication of pests from your garden and backyard. We will identify the source of the infestation and complete the garden pest control so all the pests are gone.

End Of Lease Pest Control Melbourne

Roaches, mice, spiders, rats, termites, fleas, and bees infest households and buildings. Pests can pose serious risks to human health and safety. Our team of expert professionals uses various Pest Control Solutions like chemicals, traps, and operating equipment to reduce pest issues by any kind of pests from your rented rooms and apartments. So, call us now if you are searching end of lease pest control Melbourne services.

End Of Lease Pest Control Service
Dead Pest Removal Service

Dead Pest Removal Service Melbourne

We offer the best quality pest control management which you can trust. We are also responsible for dead pest removal. Our vision and mission are to keep our clients happy. So, you don’t even need to think twice before choosing us as your pest removal and treatment partner. You can call us anytime in the day to find out about our different packages and offers.

Common Types of Pest Infestation We Handle in Melbourne

We at Masters Pest Control can provide any kind of professional pest control service for the people of Melbourne. We can treat the following pests:


Cockroaches are global pests. Also, they are arguably one of the most hated pests on earth. They look ugly, spread disease, and cause a mess around the home. It is not very difficult for them to intrude into your place, small cracks and crevices are enough for them to get entry inside. If you want to keep your house cockroach-proof, the first step is to seal all the cracks in the house. And for effective cockroach control, you certainly need a professional from Masters Pest Control.


Another common pest that is found everywhere in the world includes spiders. Spiders particularly are not dangerous to humans, but when irritated they bite. Hence, you must look for ways to remove these unwanted crawling creatures from your place. And if you are looking at the best pest control Melbourne company for Spider Control & Removal, look no further. With experience and skills, our professionals can bring you the best and most effective results.


Rodents or rats are creepy pests that can cause severe damage to your belongings and property. Rats are also known to spread many dangerous pathogens and germs. We can provide you with the rodent pest control service in Melbourne. With years of training and control and treatment. Our pest controllers use the latest tools and equipment to trap, catch or terminate the rats. We will provide complete prevention for future rat infestation as well. Now get rid of all the rodents and rats from your property by hiring us today.


Silverfish is a worm-like creature that moves similarly to a fish. They are very stubborn and can survive on almost anything. They are known to infest and attack old books, paper trash, clutter, and cupboards, etc. Ignoring silverfish infestation will lead to severe damages to your belongings, books, or documents. We can provide you with a silverfish pest control service in Melbourne. We use safe and effective products to treat silverfish infestation. Safe and eco-friendly chemicals are also used to exterminate any number of silverfish. Get rid of silverfish infestation from your property within a day by hiring us.


Fleas are creatures who survive on the blood of animals like cats, dogs, or birds. They are known to inhabit your pet’s furs and can also bite humans as well. A flea infestation can be quite dangerous for your pets and kids. So you should hire professional pest controllers to get rid of fleas. Masters Pest Control can provide you with the best flea pest control service in Melbourne. We use safe and eco-friendly products to terminate fleas and eradicate them. We will get rid of fleas from your pets and their shelters and provide complete eradication of fleas within a single day.

 Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small creatures who can infest your beds, mattress, furniture, and pillows. They are known to bite humans in their sleep and often leave itchy and painful bites. They can completely compromise your furniture and beds and people often throw them away. Masters Pest Control can provide you with effective bed bug control and removal services. We will make sure that all the bed bugs are eradicated. We use effective and strong chemicals that can even terminate their eggs too.


Ground beetles are not as dangerous as they seem but they can bite humans. Beetles are considered to be a nuisance to human beings if they are existing in large numbers inside your home. So, if you are looking for beetle removal services, you can contact our trusted pest management service providers anywhere in Melbourne.

beetle pest control
borer pest control


Borers are usually considered pests to damage wooden items. The group of borers Wood borers can easily damage a wooden table or wooden dressing in just a few months. So, it is very necessary to remove them and our professional pest controllers are extremely experts to do this job so professionally. Our pest control company provides the best facilities during the borer pest control.


Flies can spread diseases and transmit enteric infections such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, etc. To protect yourself from these hazardous infections, you can make your home flies-free with the help of home pest control services. Also, if you want the best facilities during the pest treatment, you can choose us.



Mosquito pests are also considered to spread diseases like dengue and are very essential to be controlled professionally. And, that’s why we are here to protect you from diseases caused by mosquitoes. Our expert pest controllers are eligible with the required qualifications to control mosquitoes in all the suburbs of Melbourne. Our mosquito pest control service is quick to give you the results you want.


Moths are paraphyletic insects but they are not butterflies. They can’t bite but they can spread a mess while leaving their web behind. To make your home protected from this kind of mess, our moth control services are very helpful.



If there is a huge number of possum groups, you can contact us. Opossums are not dangerous or aggressive to humans. Still, they are wild creatures and they can leave nasty bites on human skin with their 50 teeth. That’s why Possum Removal is very necessary to the people in Melbourne. And, Masters Pest Control is one of the best Pest Control Companies which are providing quality Pest Management services in the entire Melbourne.


If you have a beautiful garden, mites may be living in the soil of your garden ground. Well, mites have four pairs of legs when they are adults. Some kinds of mites can be present in garden soil and some of them could be on plants or pets in your home. So, get them removed with the help of Professional Mite Controllers.



Ants are very common pests and chances are they are still present in your home or office. They have many different species known to infest commonly. An ant infestation can lead to damages to your property and belongings. Some species of ants are known for their painful stings and you should hire professional assistance. Masters Pest Control has the experience and vast knowledge of ant species for the Best Ant Control Service. We will provide the best effective methods for treating ant infestation. Safe and eco-friendly products are used to exterminate and eradicate ant infestation. We treat their nests and other habitats to make sure there is no infestation in the future.

Natural and Safe Pest Solutions Across Melbourne

Insects and pests pose a major threat to human health as they carry bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Then we have rodents who damage the communication system as they run through wires. Termites or White Ants destroy the wooden structure at your residential and commercial place. It is important to get Professional Pest Control Service from reputable Pest Control Companies:

  • We only use government-approved and eco-friendly products for Pest Control. The products used are biodegradable, non-toxic, and do not cause any harm to humans. The solutions used are not smelly and don’t bother you after the treatment. These pesticides are sometimes in powder, liquid, gel, paste, or granular form.
  • We use a herbal method to clean your place when you hire us for Pest Control Melbourne. The major advantage of this is that you don’t have to move your furniture, leave the place, be worried about the smell and smoke or cover up the food. These herbal solutions can be easily applied in cabinets, cupboards, drawers, electrical boxes, behind doors, and other hideout places where pests and other insects form their homes.
Pest Control Service
expert pest control melbourne

Want to Get Rid of Pest Problems from The Root? Call Now!

Pest infestation problems are not that easy to handle as most of the pests can come and infest even after pest extermination. Masters Pest Control is a professional pest control service that can provide you with a one-time solution for all your pest problems. We can treat and exterminate the source of pest infestation and also provide further prevention from pest infestation. We make sure that no further infestation occurs by dealing with the source directly and treating it effectively. Some other reasons to call us now are:

  • A complete range of Pest Control Services at economical prices.
  • We help you remove all kinds of pests like mosquitoes, Fleas, Fire Ants, Bed Bugs, Wasps, Bees, Rodents, Cockroaches, Flies, Borer, and Insects from your house and workplace.
  • Our company recognized as the fastest-growing Pest Control Company in Melbourne
  • Super-fast, reliable and on-time service for all our clients.
  • A team of licensed and fully trained Professional Pest Controllers.
  • We treat your place against pests and also provide a treatment that ensures that your house is safe from pest attacks in the future.
  • Our professionals first perform an inspection at your place and understand the depth of pest attack and the level of treatment that would be needed. After a proper inspection, a custom plan is made for you.
  • We are a local Pest management company in Melbourne and our pest control services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne.

Hire Masters Pest Control today and eradicate all the pests and get relief from future pest infestation problems as well.

excellent product

This is an excellent product by Master Pest Control. It makes you feel that you are living in a wasp free world. I have tried many products but results of this is incomparable with other products. I should be tried once. I highly recommend this to everyone.
- James

Helpful Staff

We had a really bad mite infestation and Masters Pest Control came to our rescue! Extremely helpful staff rid our home of mites in no time!
- Sid

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