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Ant Control Melbourne: Needless to say, an ant infestation can be a real source of stress and hassle. Ants are social mites which work in teams. This makes them all the more difficult to handle.

As a matter of fact, kitchen or any food, especially sweet, is the easy target of ants. The worst part about an ant infestation is that it spreads very fast as ants work in teams. It can be a very difficult situation unless the ant attack is dealt with in the right way.

This is why you must hire professional pest control services to identify the white ant inspection and combat it. Masters Pest Control is a leading pest control expert in Melbourne. Our expert knowledge and the right treatment methods will ensure the complete removal of ants from your home. 



    Identifying the Ant Infestation

    To combat ants infestation, the first step is to identify the signs that show a possible infestation. You may notice few ants here and there. This shouldn’t be ignored as this might be an initial symptom of a probable ants’ infestation. Here are a few sure-shot signs that indicate ant infestation in Melbourne:

    • Regular spotting of ants here and there is a possible sign that you must hire an Ant Control expert to detect where the infestation has occurred.
    • Often, you will notice some wood shavings which mean carpenter ants may be around. These ants usually move away from their nests to find foods.
    • Spotting of ants with wings must be dealt with immediately as the problem might have become quite serious. Professional pest control must be considered.

    Major Problems Caused By an Ant Infestation

    Ants’ infestation like any other pest infestation is unhealthy and should be combated at the earliest. Below given is a list of problems caused by ants.

    • Ants get attracted to sugary food and you wouldn’t like to see ants crawling all over the delicious cake you prepared. It’s important to get rid of the ants at the earliest and keep your kitchen clean and food items properly stored.
    • The carpenter ants are quite destructive as these may damage wooden structures and even furniture. It happens due to some moisture problem and these ants can get infested with wood and even foam materials.
    • Ants’ infestation may cause serious threats as these can make nests on walls, cabinets, folds of clothes and refrigerator walls. Just spraying disinfectant won’t be a solution as an ant infestation must be combated with professional expertise.

    Facts About Ant Infestation

    • Entry of ants can be very easy through the tiniest creaks and crevices in search of sugary and greasy food substances.
    • Ants invite their whole team by leaving scent trails known as pheromones.
    • Ants can nest around anywhere. They can infest in lawns, posts, walls, stumps, furniture and even the foundation.
    • Ant colonies contain a large number of ants from 3-5 lakhs which can move around very fast.
    • Ants usually have a long life of almost seven years while the queen ant lives even longer up to 15 years.

    It is mandatory and recommended that you must hire professional pest control services to fight ant infestation completely. Doing it yourself can only remove the ants you see on the surface but won’t cure the problem completely.

    Ant Control Melbourne

    Ant Control Services in Melbourne

    Types of Ants

    • Ants that Live Outside your Home

      These are the type of ants which build their nests outside your home but will invariably enter in search of food. These ants may eventually find infestation inside your home.

    • Ants That Live in your Home

      These ants are not only looking for food but also building colonies inside your home which can be quite a hassle in the long run. These ants are usually the Crazy ants, Argentine Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pharaoh ants, Pavement ants, Carpenter ants and Thief ants.

    Preparing Your Home for Ant Control

    You must do the following before hiring a pest control service in Melbourne:

    • Clean your kitchen completely by wiping the counters, emptying trash cans and removing any stale food. Store all food items properly and in clean spaces.
    • Do proper vacuuming to remove all kinds of bits and crumbs.
    • Whole house should be cleaned properly.

    Why Should you Hire The Professionals for Ant Control

    Ants infestation is a serious matter of concern and professional help should be taken to get rid of it. Simpler ants infestation can be controlled using commercial products. But severe infestations or dangerous species of ants infestation will require professional pest control services. Master pest Control is a renowned name in the field of professional pest control. We can eradicate any kind of ant infestation from your home. Self-treatment of ant infestation will not be as effective as professional pest control. Ants are very stubborn and chances are that the infestation will reappear even after self-treatment. Get white ant treatment by spraying for ants by hiring Masters Pest control today.

    Our Ant Control Process in Melbourne We Follow

    The ant control process followed by Masters Pest Control involves a set of structured steps to ensure that complete eradication is done.

    • Inspection

      A complete inspection of your home and surrounding areas is done to check the entry points and the areas of infestation.

    • Identification

      The next step is to identify the ants and this is important as this will determine the type of treatment to be followed. There may be single or multiple types of ants in your home.

    • Making a Treatment Plan

      According to the type of ants and level of infestation, a treatment plan will be prepared in which it will be decided which solutions and sprays are to be administered.

    Applying The Treatment Plan

    The sprays and non-toxic chemicals will be administered in the affected areas.

    • Administering Variety of Baits

      Along with sprays, baits and granules will be administered as well.

    • Final Assessment

      After the treatment, regular follow-ups must be taken to ensure that re-infestation doesn’t occur.

    It is highly recommended that you must go for professional pest control services in Melbourne. Our pest control experts will guide you on various tasks like pruning the garden, removal of dead wood, trimming of the vegetation and ridding moisture issues which must be done to avoid risks of a re-infestation.

    Get the Best Ant Control Melbourne from Masters Pest Control

    We are the leading pest control experts with the right knowledge and expertise to deal with ant infestation. Get the right services at the best prices and remain tension free. Avoid trying to do ant control yourself as it will be a big hassle with hardly any results. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us:

    • We use absolutely safe and non-toxic environment-friendly sprays and solutions.
    • We consist of local and licensed pest control experts.
    • We provide same day ant control services.
    • We provide reliable pest control services at best prices.
    • We provide best pest control services and nullify any chances of re-infestation.

    Ant control Melbourne can become a major issue if ignored for a long time. Get the best professional ant removal services and ensure a pest free home for you and your family. We also provide Bed Bugs Pest Control and Bird control in Melbourne at low cost