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Bedbug are the insects which mainly feed on animals or humans. They are ideally small in size which is about the size of an apple seed and also brownish in shade. They are scientifically known as the Cimex lectularius. Even they are also known as human parasite too.

These bugs don’t fly, yet they can move rapidly over floors, ceilings and even on the walls. Even the female Bedbug may lay several eggs, every one of which is about the size of a spot of residue, over a lifetime.

Nymphs are the immature or young bedbugs, they shed their body skins multiple times before they reach to their maturity age. They also require blood to feed before their each shedding. Under great conditions, the bugs can grow completely in a month and reproduce around more than three generations in a year.

These bugs can easily attack your place undetected through the things like the baggage, clothing, used couches, beds etc. They have the flattened bodies which make it feasible for them to fit into the little spaces. Bedbug don’t have homes like ants or honey bees, but they also tend to live in the groups like ants or bees.



    They mostly hide in the places like the Mattress and the box spring , Bed frame and head or foot boards , Furniture –sofas, Walls and carpets, Electronics and other Appliances and the Cabinets. So that they can easily access humans to bite at night. They are mostly active at night and this is the time when they usually attack on humans at their sleep.

    They may also cause many severe skin related issues to humans like the skin allergies from no visible effects to the prominent blisters, skin rashes, psychological effects, or so.


    Bedbugs Control and Treatment in Melbourne 

    Bedbugs Control is the only thing which may help you treat or control the breeding of Bedbug from your premises. The main thing is to maintain the hygiene of your place. You can also regularly clan the areas of your place where these human parasites may hide or feed upon. 


    Some of the Precautionary Measures will Incorporate the Following Accompanying:

    • Clean bedding, curtains, linens, and clothing in the high temperature and also dry them at the higher dryer.
    • Scrubbing your mattress with the stiff brush to evacuate bugs and their eggs before cleaning.
    • Regularly vacuum or clean your bedding or furniture areas.
    • Repair the cracks or breaks in the plaster and other places where these little monsters can hide themselves.
    • Clean all kind of mess you found around their infestation areas.
    • Call Bedbug Pest Control team of Master Pest Control.

    As per the expert study of professionals, it was found that the extermination of bedbugs requires more than two to three treatments which can kill them quite easily.

    Thus, we at Master Pest Control use the bed bug heat extermination treatment method in which we use the extreme temperatures which are very harmful for the bedbugs but not for humans.  It was also reported that an adult and the immature Bedbug die inside 15 minutes of temperatures which are more prominent than 113ºF and eggs within an hour at the similar temperature.


    Professional Bed Bug Extermination Melbourne

    We at Master Pest Control, have one of the specialized team of Bedbug Pest Control exterminator in which we always use the eco-friendly chemicals which are extremely safe and secure for you and your family. As getting rid of them requires a chemical treatment, process and treating your beds with insecticides would be very harmful to you.

    We have Developed Two Programs for Bed Bug Extermination Such As:

    1. Chemical Treatment Program

    2. Bedbug Heat Treatment Extermination

    We use the federally and provincially registered eco-friendly chemicals, tools, techniques which are being certified as well as licensed though the government so to completely exterminate Bedbug from your residential or commercial property while ensuring your safety also. We also provide a proper follow-up service to our clients which will reduces the chances of rodent infestation in the near future at your home or office. So just give us, a call on 03 4505 2416 to get the permanents solution for the bedbugs. We also provide Pest Control and Bird control Services in Melbourne at low cost.