How can you book our pest control service?

For booking our service you have to use the Contact Us section and clicking on it you let you fill up the details which have been asked and you will get a confirmation call at the registered number and your booking will be confirmed.

What are the different pesticides we use?

We use targeted pesticides for different types of pests like we use insecticides for insects, fungicides for fungi and larvicides for controlling the generation of the larvae. The targeted pesticides are very effective and they are intended to remove them particularly.

What is the duration of our pest control service?

It does not take more than 3 to 4 hours for a normal pest infestation. However, if you have some serious pest control situation, it can take more time.

What Kind of Pest Control Services does your Company Provide?

Master Pest Control provides almost all kinds of pest control services in Melbourne such as ants control, flies control, fleas control, wasps removal, spiders control, mosquitoes control, Cockroaches Control, bed bugs control, termites control, rodents control, possums removal, ants control and so on.

Can you control the rats present at my place?

Yes, we can control any type of rodent present at your place. Rats and mice are notoriously famous for making the place a mess. They are very irritating and can damage anything to everything. Moreover, their presence may cause many health issues. These creepy creatures are very tough to control but no worries we have a highly trained team, who uses the best method to control rats.

Do you provide emergency pest control service?

Yes, we completely understand that pest infestation can be an emergency at any time and any day and cannot be tolerated so our team works 24*7 and is always ready to provide emergency pest control services. Pest control services provided by our team of licensed experts are completely safe. So whenever you need emergency pest control service just give us a call.

Is it necessary to take professional help for pest control?

Yes, it is necessary to take professional help for pest control as all the pests cannot be controlled by DIYs. Professional pest controllers know how to get rid of pests present in your home and possess the right method for pest treatment.

Does your company give cost-effective solutions to control pests?

We provide quality pest control service at a very affordable price. We are well known for our cost-effective solutions to control pests in Melbourne. We have the ultimate solution for all kinds of pest problems anywhere in Melbourne.

How can I tell what type of pest problem I have?

If you have doubts about what kind of roach, spider or rodent is infesting your property, the best and most sure way to identify it is by booking our pest inspection service. Our team will be there to inspect what type of pest problem you have.

Does your company provide a proper mosquito control service?

Yes, we provide a proper mosquito control service. Our pest technicians use an efficient method for mosquito control. We have years of experience in this industry, so you can call us now and book a professional mosquito controller.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we work on weekends. You can reach out to us on weekends too. Our team will always be there to help you out in removing all those harmful pests. Our vision and mission are to keep our clients happy. So, you don’t even need to think twice before choosing us as your pest removal and treatment partner.

Do you have a certified team?

Yes, we have a certified team who are experts in removing & controlling all kinds of pests. Our professionals have years of experience in this industry and are well trained. You can completely rely on our team as we are the best pest controllers in Melbourne.