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Flea Control Melbourne: Are you also suffering from flea infestation and want to get rid of them as soon as possible? Masters Pest Control is at your service. Our pest control experts in Melbourne would help you with spider pest control, rodent control and ant control in addition to fleas’ control.

Fleas infest human properties and are brought into the houses by the pets. Are your pets also facing the problem of scratching then there is a possibility of fleas? If left unnoticed, the population of fleas may build-up leading to uncontrolled infestation.

Fleas are hard to find once they get into the clothing, furniture and the likes. However, fret no more! Masters Pest Control provides expert flea control services in Melbourne.


    When to Hire for Fleas Control in Melbourne?

    • If the pets in your house are scratching continuously, chances are high that they are been eaten by fleas.
    • If you too are facing itching problems, redness and bite marks on your skin, then it may be a flea bite.
    • Flea fecal matter is also an indication of their presence. The fecal matter is pepper in shape and generally found in and around the beddings, carpets and the likes.
    • Their reproductive stages of the fleas include eggs, larvae, and They are often secretive and you may spot them behind the furniture, in cracks and grooves of the walls and in pet beddings.
    • Sometimes, you may also see adult fleas wandering in the house as the adult ones are very easy to be spotted.

    Reasons of Flea Infestation 

    Fleas are creatures that suck blood from animals and can infest your homes through pets or birds or animal intrusions. There can be many reasons for flea infestation some are mentioned below.

    • If your pets are harbouring fleas then chances are they can bite you as well. Dog fleas or cat fleas can multiply and spread around your home and affect you’re well being.
    • Flying pests like birds, crows etc can bring fleas to your property. Bird fleas too can infest your home through these flying pests.
    • Your garden can also harbour flea eggs and larvae which can develop and infiltrate your homes.
    • Keeping bad home hygiene and ignoring pet care will also lead to fleas attacking your pests and you as well.

    Understanding the Fleas in Melbourne

    Fleas are wingless creatures and are reddish brown in colour. They are covered with microscopic hair and are capable of jumping.

    The adult fleas feed on the host blood; the hosts can be any hairy animal such as cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, squirrels and other domesticated animals while the larvae feed on the fecal matter. Fleas have a range of species and almost all are found to be parasites. They reproduce fast and their eggs may be found on carpets, rugs, beds, furniture etc. These hatch within two days and soon complete their life cycle.

    Are the Fleas Harmful?

    To some extent yes because they are sanguivorous that is they feed on blood. When the weather starts warming up, fleas run rampant in your yards and bite your pets.

    They Cause Following Problems:

    • Fleas bite the host and lead to the scratchy, red and swollen skin.
    • If your pets are allergic to the saliva of fleas, then they will scratch the skin that may lead to swelling and welts on the skin. Constant itching and scratching can cause the development of hot spots on the skin.
    • If the pets accidentally swallow the fleas from their skin, then their intestine may get infected by tapeworms. Fleas are dangerous parasites that reside on the skin of fleas.
    • If left unnoticed, fleas may cause anemia and your pets will suffer from pale gums, low body temperature, and the likes.

    DIY Methods to Control the Flea Infestation

    Some of the homemade flea control Melbourne remedies that you can follow and Fleas Control the infestation on your own are:

    • Baking Powder

      This is a very effective method. Take some baking soda and rub it on the carpets and rugs with the help of a brush. Vacuum it subsequently and empty the contents of the bag.

    • Salt

      Similarly, salt can be sprinkled all over the infested area and then vacuum it as in the above method.

    • Lemon

      Make a spray by mixing some lemon juice in water and boil it. Spray it on every area of infestation.

    • Diatomaceous Earth

      Apply a thin layer on the areas where you suspect high flea activity and leave it for two days. Vacuum as usual.

    The above-mentioned flea control Melbourne methods can help you to an extent. However, if things are not working out, it is highly recommended to hire professional Pest Control Services in Melbourne. Masters Pest Control has proven and result-oriented methods which would help you out. Let’s see how.

    Flea Control Melbourne

    Flea Control Services in Melbourne 

    Our Flea Control Process

    Fleas are very difficult to exterminate without any professional help. Our top quality methods will help you in getting rid of these pests. Have a look at our treatment process:

    • Inspection

      Our pest control experts will closely examine each and every area of the house. We will have a closer look at the pets and locate the areas where any immature eggs of the flea are residing. Our local pest control experts also identify the type of species that has infested your home and then plan out which treatment is the most suitable.

    • Pre-Treatment:

      We initiate the task by clearing all the carpeted floors including closets of boxes, clothing etc.
      Infected bedding is washed in hot water; if the infestation is higher, it is disposed of.
      All the wood, tiles and the vinyl floors are thoroughly mopped and carpet, rugs, areas under the furniture window sills and other places of their residence are vacuumed.
      The pest control experts also look for the presence of other animals that may their source of food like rodents raccoons etc.

    • Treatment Process

      To eliminate the population of fleas and their reproductive stages, we use growth regulators that interfere with their developmental stages into the adult ones. The formulations we use include:

    • Spot-On Treatment:

      avoid touching fur around the area that is treated.

    • Fogging:

      In this, sprays and aerosols are used to treat the whole infected area.

    • Shampoo:

      We also use shampoo for washing the area that is infested, shampoo is known to effectively kill all the fleas.

    • Follow Up

      After the process is over, we do the inspection of the whole area to see if the treatment has been effectively done. If any point or area has been left out we will re-treat it. We make sure that you are completely happy with our services.

    Best Fleas Control Company in Australia

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    • Our pest control professionals are skilled and understand the biology of these pests that infest your homes.
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    • On hiring us, you will be working with the most technically advanced and trained company in the pest control industry.

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