How To Get Rid Of Lizards Infestation?

Lizards are the creation of nature to balance the ecology, lizards are born predator, they prey upon small insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and other bugs.  Besides their importance, lizards aren’t welcomed inside the homes, the appearance of lizards are scary and can cause panic in people. Unlike other reptiles, they have small four legs which help them to crawl on walls and even jump from one place to another also the DNA of lizards allow them to regrow their tail. These abilities make them more creepy, moreover, there are soft toys of fake lizards available to scare people for fun. This shows how lizards are undergoing through a trademark of universal disapproval. Above all, the purpose of this blog is to manifest simple and natural ways for lizard pest control.

Lizard Pest Control

Lizard Pest Control

Lizard Pest Control By Tobacco and Coffee Powder

This method is effective to get rid of lizards. Mix coffee powder and tobacco and make small balls of it. Place this balls where lizards hide or show up. Lizards will try to eat it, either they’ll die or go away from the smell.

Lizard Control By Garlic.

Garlic is also one of the ingredients which lizards don’t like. Hang garlic cloves where lizards come, they’ll stop coming.

Lizard  Control By Onion.

Onion contains sulphur, which smells sharp. Try hanging onion where lizards bother you, lizard won’t come there again.

Lizard Control By Onion

Lizard Control By Onion

Lizard Pest Control By Pepper Spray.

Not commercial red pepper spray but more of a homemade spray made of water and black pepper. Add black pepper powder in water and spray over lizard prone area. Lizards don’t like the smell of it, so they’ll go away.

Lizard Control By Naphthalene Balls.

From all the above, you would have understood that lizards have a good nose. They cannot tolerate odd smells. Naphthalenes balls also create an odd smell, which can make lizards go away. Try hanging them too, where you encounter lizards often.

The above methods are proven effective to stop lizard infestation,  by following these natural methods lizards pest control is possible,   and you can make the lizard go away. Make sure that your house is clean and free from small insects, lizards only shows up when there are already insects present in the house, lizards feed on them and make their living. If you want you can hire professionals as well, they’ll use effective ways to deal with pests, they also find the root cause of lizard infestation if any. Master Pest Control is one of the best professional pest control service provider, call us for booking we’ll take care of the lizard infestation in your house.

Lizard Infestation

Lizard Infestation

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