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Pest Control Services

Almost all of us have faced the problem of pest infestations at some point in time. Pest infestations can cause severe problems for our health and well being and also affecting our property and belongings. Termite is a small ant-like insect that can infest your property and residences. Termites rely on wood or plant material for their survival and they will feed on the wooden belongings and materials in your homes. Termites can cause heavy monetary losses by damaging all wooden furniture and belongings. Its highly suggested that you hire professional pest control services for termite exterminations and termite pest control. A less severe case of termite infestation can easily be treated by your self. We are providing you with some tips on eradicating termite infestation at home. Follow the steps and instructions mentioned below and get rid of termite infestation your self.

Ways to Get Rid of Termite Infestation.

First of all, you need to look for common signs of termite infestations. Once you are sure about it, you can use the following tips to get rid of termites from the affected wooden object.

  • Sunlight

    Infested wooden belongings and furniture should be first exposed to direct sunlight. Termites prefer dark, damp and cold places so the heat and light of the sun will kill all the termites.
  • Freezing

    If for some reason you are not able to put the wood in sunlight or if there’s no sun like rainy season you can freeze the affected furniture. Place the infested furniture in big freezers for some days. The low temperature will terminate all the termites easily within a few days.
  • Using Boric Acid

    Boric acid is an easily available substance that you can use for termite extermination. Most of the pesticides used for termite control contain this boric acid. All you need to do is spray or coat a layer of boric acid over to the affected wooden furniture. Make sure you spray the boric acid solution extensively and repeat the process if termites persist.
  • Termite killing agents

    You can also buy commercial products and anti termites spray to curb termite infestations. Read the instructions mentioned on the products label and use it accordingly. Make sure you are fully covered and protected while using these pesticides.

Seek Professional Help, Hire Our Company

If the termite infestation persists it’s advisable that you hire professional pest controllers. We are an established firm in town that provides all kinds of Pest Control Melbourne. We have a highly trained and efficient staff of professional pest controllers. Equipped with all the latest tools and modern equipment, we can deliver the best pest control services for you. Hire our professional pest control services at affordable costs today and eradicate every single pest from your property within a single day.

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