Wasps Pest Control Melbourne

Wasps are one among those irritating insects that disturb us to the maximum whether it may be in picnics or in gardens. Mentioned below are some of the ways by which you can keep the wasps away from you and stay away from the irritation caused by them,

  1. You can make use of some natural wasp repellent to get rid of Pest Control these wasps. You can also buy the wasp repellent available in the shops. You will have to avoid keeping the foods uncovered. You can also make use of soap solution mixed with a little amount of water to avoid wasps.
  2. If there are any cracks or sealing opens in your place then there is an urgent for you to close those cracks and sealing. You will have to look for the cracks properly in the corners, near windows and doors. Use a suitable sealant to cover those patches and cracks.
  3. If you find any wasps net near the door or rear window, don’t stop after sealing the place but you also need to call up the professional to examine the entire place.
  4. You will have to properly clean the trash can and the places where you have spilled the food and food waste. Make sure you properly close the trash cans with the lid. Do not leave the dustbin uncovered. It is very important to clean the trash can regularly in a proper way.
  5. Try to keep sweet smelling food items and sweets in the refrigerator or in a closed container. Wasps get attracted to these sweets easily and hence try to store them in a container or cover it properly. Keeping the sweets and sweet smelling food items in an open space is one of the major reasons for the wasps to increase.
  6. Using natural repellent is also one of the effective ways to avoid the wasps. You can make use of clove oil, geranium oil, and lemongrass oil to get rid of these wasps. Mix all these oils in equal portions and then pour it in a spray bottle. You will have to spray the oils mixture in the places where ever you feel that the wasps are present. You can spray the solution in the places where wasps nest is built so that you can get rid of these wasps easily. You can also buy wasp repellent solutions from the shop if you don’t have time to mix the solution on your own.
    Wasps Pest Control Services

    Wasps Pest Control Services

  7. There are few plants that can help you in decreasing wasps because of their smell. You can grow such type of plants in your surroundings. Some of those wasp repellent plants are mint, thyme, eucalyptus, and citronella. These plants keep wasps away from your surrounding and also create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere around you.
  8. Wasps are capable of building nests within 20 feet. It is better to use wasp decoys to get rid of wasps. You can hang the wasp decoy in the places where you feel the wasps exist. You can also make use of a soap solution to get rid of these wasps easily.

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