Best Rodent Control Melbourne Services at Low-Cost

Rodent Control Melbourne: What is a dream house like? A space of your own, a feeling of being together with your loved ones, a place where you can be yourself. Isn’t this feeling so comfortable and perfect?

Now imagine you hear a scratching sound all the time. The horrible noise of “pfft-pfft-pfft” followed by silence…and more of that.

Once you realize you are sharing your dream house with rodents, your house will soon turn out to be a place of torment. All your cleaning efforts are put to shame once rodents get on the garbage, scuffling around the kitchen floor, one heading towards washing machine, and one hiding behind the dishwasher. These monsters would make your life hell.

Rodents are neophobic. They tend to remember their way around every corner of the house and they keep returning when they find suitable space for them in the house. Being a social animal, they also invite their friends and family to visit. And you can be absolutely sure about finding more and more rats than you thought of! If you suspect a rodent infestation, without further delay you should contact for a 24×7 pest control in Melbourne.



    Rodent Pest Control in Melbourne

    • Rodents not only cause damage to your home, they spread deadly diseases and contaminate food.
    • Their teeth constantly grow and they can cause great damage gnawing on things.
    • Once you face this issue, a prompt and efficient Rodent Pest Control is advised to avoid severe damage to health and property.
    • Masters Pest Control is a leading rodent pest control company in Melbourne. We along with our pest control experts would use the latest and environment-friendly technologies to get rid of rodents without compromising family health and house ambiance.

    Ways Rodents Can Wreak Havoc in Melbourne

    • Rodents not only cause health issues and diseases, they damage your home as well. Every year fires are caused and homes are water damaged because of rodent infestation. There are ample of health hazards caused by rodents.
    • Rodents can even damage brains of people having weak immune system especially kids. Ingesting worms from rat feces could cause infection of the brain with an increase in a number of white blood cells that are associated with infection.
    • Pregnant women could suffer many complications like miscarriages, stillbirth or other health issues of the child.
    • Rate bite fever is a disease caused by bite or scratch of rat or ingestion of food contaminated by a rat.
    • Bacterial diseases could be triggered by contact with rat poop. This disease if not treated can damage kidney, loss of liver function and respiratory distress, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, vomiting and nausea, anal and nasal itching
    • Rats chew the wires which can lead to a great risk of fire.

    Types of Rats Found in Our Homes in Melbourne

    The two major types of rats that are commonly found in our homes in Melbourne are Black rats and Brown rats.

    Black Rats: –

    These rats are less common and are also called roof rats. They are usually 16-24cm in length and their tail is longer than head and body. They grow 50-200 gm in weight with a pointed nose and large ears.

    They are very agile and quick. They are excellent climbers and their favorite food is moist fruits. They eat around 15gm of fruit and 15 ml of water every day. Black rats have 3-6 litters a year. It takes only 15-16 weeks from birth for them to reach sexual maturity.

    Brown Rats: –

    Brown rats are also called as sewer rats. Brown rats are up to 40 cm in length and have a tail shorter than head and body, unlike black rats. They grow between 350-500 gm in weight. They have a thicker body as compared to black rats.

    These rats have a blunt nose and small ears. Brown rats have 7–8 young per litter, and between 3–6 litters a year. Their gestation period is about 3 weeks. It only takes 10 to12 weeks since birth to reach their sexual maturity. They prefer eating cereals and would eat around 30g of food a day and drink 60ml.

    Rodent Control Melbourne

    Rodent Control Melbourne

    Tips to Keep Rodents Away from your Home.

    You can follow these below given common tips to keep rodents away from your home:

    • Keep your home, floor, bathroom and kitchen very clean. Use commercial products once a week in routine cleaning. Make sure no litter or food waste is laying around your property
    • Check your perimeter, walls and backyards for signs of rodent movement. Look for cracks and holes in the doors or walls, fix them asap.
    • Use commercial products for trapping, killing or removing rodents if you happen to see them often.
    • Keep your food sources in sealed containers and don’t let paper trash or clutter lying around untouched.

    Why Hire Professional Rat Control?

    • Professional rat control is important since professional knowledge of rodent’s habit, behavior and biology is important to implement effective rat control program.
    • One should never put family’s safety and health at a stake. For example, a professional rodent control expert would install rat dispensers in such areas which are inaccessible to children and pets.
    • Professional rat control experts are trained and they entirely understand the behavior and biology of rats. And this is the first step of the process.
    • Professional pest control experts in Melbourne have up to date nondestructive technologies for rodent control.
    • With the kind of experience they have in rat control field, they would effectively eradicate rodents and ensure that your loved ones and property are safe
    • Our Rat Control Process in Melbourne 

      • Holding years of experience in controlling rodent infestation, Masters Pest Control brings the best technology to eliminate all rats that were once haunting you in your own house.
      • We have a dedicated team of trained professionals and our process is environment-friendly and extremely safe for family.
      • Once you book us, our team will come over and inspect your property to understand and conduct a thorough scan of your residence.
      • Our pest control experts would analyze the places from where rats and coming in and hiding in the house or property.
      • Once done, our trained professionals will start over with the eradication process.
      • They would seal off the place of entry and find nests as a part of their removal service.
      • This would also include includes a custom made bait station designed in such a way to prevent human touch. This would ensure no one in the family touches and can be harmed by the bait.

    Why Hire Us?

    • Our value for money service provides safe, family friendly rat control methods implemented by knowledgeable and certified technicians.
    • We provide you best in the market and most importantly quick rodent pest control plan to get rid of the monsters and never see them again in your house.
    • We use eco-friendly methods to help you get rid of rodents.
    • Our pest control experts are local residents of Melbourne.

    Call us today and get your house scanned by Masters Pest Control professionals. Don’t worry, we are here with our quick service to help you get rid of rats permanently. We also provide Pest Control and Bird control Services in Melbourne at low cost.