Best Silverfish Control Melbourne Services at Low-Cost

Silverfish Control Melbourne: – Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that generally roam inside the house at night in search of food, water, and shelter. Their flat shape of the body makes them easily hide in the cracks and crevices of the doors and the windows will promote other pest infestations

They hate daylight and are almost impossible to be spotted in the day hours; hence their infestation in the house requires professional pest control treatments. These are nuisance pests, fast moving and are capable of traveling throughout the buildings.

Are you spotting some of these nasty creatures inside your homes but not sure what they are? Go through the following description for their identification and call Masters Pest Control services today!

    Pets indoors unknowingly. when inside the house may cause serious problems:


    Your house is at a mild risk due to silverfishes. Generally, silverfish do not transmit any disease but known to cause allergies in some individuals.

    Attracts Other Pests

    The presence of silverfish in your house can invite other insects in the house such as beetles, flies etc.

    Damage to Property

    Silverfish are known to cause damage to eatables like grains etc. They make large holes in clothes and leave them stained yellow. Moreover, they may also cause a lot of damage to books, files etc.

    Damage to Wallpapers

    Silverfish also feed on the wallpapers and wallpaper glue and can easily strip off the walls and its coverings.

    Dangers of Silverfish infestation in the home

    Silverfish are very stubborn pests and they can survive on almost anything.

    • Silverfish will damage your belongings like books, documents, papers etc
    • Silverfish will create a very bad home environment and may spread disease-causing pathogens
    • Silverfish can spread throughout your home and affect our furniture, clothes, cupboards etc
    • Ignoring Silverfish Infestation will promote other pest infestations as well. Presence of silverfish will attract other pests like spiders, roaches, moths etc.

    How to Detect Silverfish Infestation at Your Home?

    Before deciding to eradicate silverfish from your house, you have to confirm the enemy and its hiding areas. As already mentioned; silverfish are very difficult to be spotted in the daylight and thus require a very close inspection.

    • Check the bookshelves, area behind the baseboards, frames of the doors and the windows, voids of the walls, attics, and the sub-floor areas.
    • These also prefer to live in kitchens and the bathrooms as these areas are rich in moisture.
    • The presence of skin in the house is also an indication of their presence because they molt at least fifty times during their life.
    • Our experts confirm their presence by taking a very close view of the hiding areas of these pests.

    DIY Methods to Control the Infestation

    Here are some of the at-home methods by which you can try to control the silverfish infestation in Melbourne:

    • Use Spices

      Spices such as cloves, bay leaf, and sage have a stringent smell. Put these spices in the places where you have spotted these insects.

    • Use Cucumbers

      Silverfishes do not like the smell of cucumbers. Thus, try putting some cucumber slices at the hiding places to get rid of these pets.

    • Essential Oils

      The only thing to remember is that these oils should be 100% pure. Mix the oil in some water and spray the mixture in the hiding places with a spray bottle.

    Our Process of Silverfish Infestation Treatment in Melbourne

    Have you confirmed the presence of these pests at your home and not able to eradicate them with simple home methods then our experts will help you in removing the infestation from your house in following way:

    • Physical Control

    Here we use mechanical barriers to stop the infestation from building up:


    In this process, we reduce the moisture content of the house by using suitable methods that these insects love to live in. We dehumidify by mending the leaking pipes if any, ventilate the attics and the rooms, remove stagnant water if any. We do a close inspection of the house and locate the places of their entrance and residence and seal them too.

    Vacuum method

    We regularly vacuum the cracks and the crevices so as to remove these insects from their residences.

    • Removal of Food Items

      We do advise our clients to keep their food items packed and in sealed containers, we also help in removal of the food items if found open at the time of our service.

    • Trapping

      Traps are also very effective and very simple to be used. Our pest control experts keep the traps at the edges of the homes, under the furniture, beds, behind the wardrobes and their other hiding places. These traps have an attractant tablet that attracts these creatures. These are ideal to be used in commercial and residential places and are completely safe.

    • Sealing their Residential Places

      With the help of caulk, we seal the places where they reside in places around the windows, cabinets, and moldings. We also prevent the outside invasion by removal of leaf litter if any from around the house.

    • Use of Diatomaceous Earth

      It is very effective in drying out these insects. The borate-based products must be kept dry for an effective control.

    • Chemical Treatment

      In this process, we use insecticides to remove the infestations:

    • Sprays

      We spray the areas that are infested. It is advised to keep children and pets away from it until the chemical is dried fully. The place is ready for use in 4-5 hours.

    • Treatment Packs

      These are ideal for domestic silverfish treatment. The pack breaks down the insect’s protective waxy coating, thus killing the silverfish due to dehydration. We apply the pack below the carpets and around the edges.

    Silverfish Control Melbourne

    Silverfish Control Melbourne

    Why Should You Hire Masters Silverfish Control Melbourne?

    We always try our best and do whatever it takes to solve your problem. You have the following reasons to trust us:

    • We treat both the inside and the outside of your house and develop a customized plan for protection.
    • We also provide year around treatment for protection against the seasonal pests.
    • Including an initial service, we re-treat the outside portion of the home thus giving you a total of five treatments.
    • We make sure that the infestation does not return back especially in the spring season which is their breeding season.

    We and our technicians will not stop until you and your house is completely free of these pests. So to get a clean and a silverfish free home, call us now! We also provide Bed Bugs Pest Control and Bird control in Melbourne at low cost.