Affordable Spider Control Services in Melbourne

Spider control can be a real headache but Masters Pest Control Company excels in the spider control services in Melbourne. We are well equipped to eradicate all kinds of pests including spiders, insects, termites, ants, cockroaches or any such thing which is causing damage to your property or health.

Our pest control professionals know what kind of treatment a particular pest requires and that is how we are excellent at what we do. Masters Pest Control Company does its work in an efficient and smart way so that our services can give you a peaceful and healthy life.

Our local pest control experts are trained and experienced in wiping out spiders from home and they cater their services without creating any hassle. They know how to handle the situation in order to give you a happy and a healthy life.



    Types of Spiders Which Can Invade Our Homes

    Experts think that spiders love mid-summer or autumn time of the year and that is when they start to invade the houses.

    Some of The Commonly Seen Spiders in The Houses Include:


    Giant House Spider

    Having the size of 120mm, these spiders are most commonly found in autumn. These spiders are mostly found in garages, sheds, attics and cavity walls, where they cannot be disturbed easily. They contain venom and they can bite too, but they are not usually harmful to a normal human being.


    Daddy Long Legs Spider

    Unlike hairy spiders, these spiders have small grey bodies with long thin legs. Generally, their size is 45mm although this figure may vary in different spiders. It is said that they can cause the most venomous bite, although their fangs are not strong enough to penetrate the human skin. Their bite can cause a mild burning sensation in the infected area.


    Lace Web Spider

    Lace web spider has a huge history of biting people in the last few years and they are forced into your homes due to heavy rainfall. Their bite can make that particular area swell for around 12 hours. That is why you are recommended to be on your guard when you see them.


    Spider Control Melbourne

    How Spider Infestation Can Affect your Health?

    Spider Infestation can affect your health in the following ways

    • Spider infestation will attract other dangerous poisonous spiders which can pose severe dangers of their bites.
    • Spider infestation will compromise the home hygiene and promote germ growth and pathogens will flourish.
    • Spiders usually can contaminate your food source with disease-causing germs which can expose you to health risks and diseases
    • Spiders in large numbers will severely impact your mental health and take away your peace of mind. You will have to live with the constant fear of spiders in your bedroom.

    Why is Spider Control Necessary?

    • Messy Atmosphere

      If spiders tend to invade your house, they generally make a lot of web at the corners of the walls, the doors or any decorative piece. This makes your house look messy and extremely dirty.

    • Ill Health

      Spiders can create their web anywhere, so they can also be in reach of your pets and small kids. If your kids happen to touch them with their hands and use the same hands to play and eat without your knowledge, then they can fall ill. This makes the living conditions very unhealthy.

    • Painful Bite

      Spiders can bite as well. Though it is not toxic, still it can give you red rashes with some swollen skin. For kids and for adults as well, it can be a painful experience.

    Ways to Control Spider Invasion

    • Seal The Corners

      It is a well-known fact that spiders make their web and way into the house via holes in the corner of the walls and the windows. Make sure of the fact that you seal the holes which serve as host of these spiders.

    • No Negation Near The House

      Try to maintain your kitchen garden as far as possible from your house. This is because greenery and vegetation attract spiders. They can simply crawl through the plants into your house.

    • Maintain Cleanliness

      Try to dust your home daily and clean the corners of the walls and the doors once in a month. This helps to remove the web of these spiders and prevent them from coming inside as well.

    • Outdoor Lights of Backyard, Garden Etc Should Be Off

      Outdoor lights do not attract spider, but they attract many other types of pests and insects which can be a very delicious treat and the food for the spiders. This attracts them in and around your house.

    • Use Leftover Insecticide Having Pyrethroid As a Key Ingredient

      Many insecticides available in the market have Pyrethroid as their key ingredient. It has the ability to control the breeding of spiders. Try to spray that in the corners.

    Our Spider Control Process

    • Step 1- Inspection

      As soon as you book an appointment with us, we send 2 of our experts to do the inspection of the place infected by spiders.

    • Step 2- Basic Cleaning

      Next day, our team of professionals goes to the site and starts the spider control process with cleaning the spider webs with the help of broom or vacuum cleaner.

    • Step 3- Sealing The Holes

      After vacuuming the spiders and their webs from each and every corner of the house, we make sure to seal the holes (if any) present in the house that may lead the spiders or any other pests to creep in.

    • Step 4- Sanitizing

      Then, we spray an organic disinfectant at the infected areas and sanitize the entire room. This ensures no future invasion of the spiders. The disinfectant we use is totally organic and non-toxic.

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