Pest Control Service

Pests often find their way into objects and spaces that are dark and warm inside. AC units are one of their favorite targets. This can cause significant damage to your HVAC System, making you shed a considerable amount of money in repair. It becomes important then to know which types of pests can be encountered to effectively deal with them.

Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service

These are The Pests that Can Damage Your HVAC Systems.


The most common types of rodents that tend to infest and destroy the HVAC system include rats, and mice. Owing to their small size and flexible bodies, they can enter into the most congested spaces with ease. They chew through everything and most often make their nests in the attic or ductwork for ease of movement. Besides causing significant damage to your air ducts, they also have a tendency of making holes in your ductwork from where air can escape. This increases the utility bill that you pay each month. They also damage electrical wiring and insulation which can turn out to be dangerous. Apart from the physical damage, these pests also can pose a threat to your health. Thus, Rodent Control is something you must not ignore even at the initial stages of infestation.


Crazy ants can infest your space, irrespective of the season. Springtime, out of all is their favorite. During rains, they like to pool up near a condenser. This is because the acidity in the contractor attracts them. When in contact with the contractor, these ants electrocute. They release an alarm pheromone that alarms other ants to flock in. When they come in large numbers, they clog it until a short circuit occurs. In such a scenario, replacement becomes necessary. Spotting the problem early can be a win-win situation that can help prevent it. Ants can be controlled but it requires patience to eliminate them completely from your home.


Damaged or unprotected vents are the ideal places where wasps like to build their hives. It shields them from the elements and acts as a protected area where they feel safe. Getting rid of wasps can be a tricky job. If wasps have infested your air conditioner, the chances are high that they would soon get into your home as well. Wasp stings can be pretty painful and cause intense irritation. Wasps can also lead to allergies. With proper care and Professional Pest Control in Sydney Methods, wasps can be eliminated from home with ease. A professional can be consulted for the same to avoid any injuries that might result when removing wasp nests.


Although the probability of finding snakes in your AC unit is quite less, they are still there. Since snakes are warm-blooded creatures, they seek places that are warm especially during the winter months and fall. Small cracks and openings, if any in your home’s ventilation system signal them to move inside. Once inside, they build their nests and breed. One problem that is pretty common is snakes coiling up in the AC’s condenser. When the winter season is over and you switch on your AC again, snakes can get caught and die. This can ultimately break your condenser fan.

Professional Pest Control Service
Professional Pest Control Service

Hire the Professional Pest Controllers

No matter whether you are seeking tick extermination or any other, you must get your HVAC system checked to prevent any damage that might be heavy on your pocket. In case of infestation, one must always trust a professional pest control company. Master Pest Control is a well-established pest control company that can help get rid of almost all kinds of pests. 

Nicole is a certified pest controller with Certificate III in urban pest management. Moreover, he has an experience of more than 20 years in the pest control industry. He can help you to get rid of all kinds of pests.