Spiders Control Service

Spiders- the creepy, eight-legged beings might be the scariest creatures of your house. What’s surprising is the fact that there’s rarely any house that encountered no spider ever. While most of them are cringe blobs on the ceiling, there are some that can actually be dangerous. Wolf spiders fall into the same category. Before you spot one and consider Spider Pest Control Services as an option.

Spiders Control Service
Spiders Control Service

Here are a Few Facts that You Must Know About Them-

  • More than 3000 species of wolf spiders have been recorded till date.
  • They come in sizes ranging from 0.25 to 1.5 inches.
  • Most of them are brown in color, while others are black
  • Their 8 eyes are arranged in a sequence of three rows
  • They possess 8 long and hairy legs
  • Their body features light stripes
  • They also have 2 sharp fangs in horizontal shape.

Although wolf spiders pose threat, they do not attack humans unless provoked. They try to run away after biting a human and their bite is considered venomous. This is the reason why wolf spiders reduce insect pests but are still unwelcome in homes. Their bites are considered more dangerous for people with weakened immune systems such as children and the elderly.

Wolf Spider Prevention Tips

Lawn Cutter

Wolf spiders can easily be dealt with by making a few changes in your yard’s environment. A lawn-cutter is considered the top item that attracts all spiders in a yard setting. Such items are used by wolf spiders as hiding spots. Hidden from their predators, wolf spiders make use of such spaces to also hide their prey. Hence, items such as toys, old tires, wood piles, stored goods, etc. must be kept at a distance of at least 20 feet from the exterior wall.


Most of the wolf spiders have a tendency of feeding on moist pests. Such pests are mostly found in humid areas and at times, shaded places. Besides enjoying drinking water from the puddles they get, such places become the hunting grounds for wolf spiders. Hence, by preventing moisture and humidity, not only are you taking care of wolf spiders but also keeping moisture pests at bay.

Seal Things Up

There are many entry points that can invite wolf spiders into your home. It’s best to check for broken or damaged pipes, doors, and windows that might become their entry points. In case of any damages that can’t be fixed, it’s best to make use of caulking to block such areas.

Spider Pest Control
Spider Pest Control

Whom to Trust?

It’s recommended to not take any chances and seek professional help if required for Pest Control at home. The professionals can identify the problem better and do away with it in minimal possible time. They also give you sound advice on precautionary measures that you must take. Since, spider bites can even be fatal, it’s best to call Master Pest Control straight away to cope up with the problem and exterminate wolf spiders or any other type from your home. Bring our Professional Pest Control in Brisbane to your place and enjoy a place free from pests spiders.

Nicole is a certified pest controller with Certificate III in urban pest management. Moreover, he has an experience of more than 20 years in the pest control industry. He can help you to get rid of all kinds of pests.